Elevate Your Teaching Journey with The New Teacher Academy

Traditional new teacher training leaves gaps; The New Teacher Academy fills them. 

Interactive Live Workshops

Virtual Cohort Training

Free Digital Resources

School/District Leaders

Transform Your Classroom Experience From Day One

Traditional new teacher training leaves gaps; The New Teacher Academy fills them. 

Diverse Learning Formats

Interactive Live Workshops

Free Digital Resources


Envision Leading a Classroom Where You and Your Students Thrive

Join the academy and unlock the full potential of your teaching career, ensuring you're not just ready, but excited for the challenges and triumphs ahead.

Professional development where new teachers grow alongside other new teachers.

Every month teachers get:

  • 1-hour LIVE virtual session with Trevor Muir and/or Dr. John Spencer
  • 15-minute instructional video offering a practical strategy that teachers can use
  • Free out-of-the-box resource
  • Access to the New Teacher Academy Community¬†
  • Professional Development Certificate
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OVER 100 free tools and resources to help you thrive as a new teacher.

These tested tools and resources will help you with: 

  • Classroom management

  • Staying organized

  • Designing engaging lessons & units

  • Reflecting & growing as a professional

  • Assessing student-growth

  • Much more

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Meet Trevor and John

Trevor Muir

Trevor is the bestselling author of the books "The Epic Classroom" and "The Collaborative Classroom." Starting his career as a high school teacher in a New Tech National Lab Site public school, Trevor was exposed early on to innovative and transformative teaching practices. At the heart of Trevor’s work as an author, speaker, and educator is sharing ideas and inspiration to keep moving the education system forward for the sake of students, their educators, and the communities they live in.

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Dr. John Spencer

John is a former middle school teacher and current college professor with over two decades of experience in student-centered learning and design thinking. He explores research, interviews experts, deconstructs systems, and studies real-world examples of student empowerment in action. He shares these insights in his four bestselling books, blog posts, journal articles, free resources, animated videos, and podcasts.

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New Teacher Mindset

New Teacher Mindset¬†is all about creating successful systems, practices, and protocols that make sense for today's teachers. To be the best teacher you can be, you need to understand how new technologies and a changing societal landscape have altered the needs of students‚Äēand how to modify your teaching approach accordingly. This book gives you a fresh take on topics like classroom management, project-based learning, group collaboration, increasing buy-in, and partnering with parents. The book is research-backed and provides concrete practices that have proven effective in real world classrooms.¬†

  • Get fresh, modern ideas for elevating your classroom and teaching style
  • Build on traditional teaching practices with new techniques designed for today's fast-paced, tech-driven world
  • Use practical activities and reader reflection questions to transform your practice right away
  • Learn how to revitalize your teaching by focusing on the classroom as a whole, the individual student, and the teacher

This is an invaluable resource for K-12 educators and others working in the K-12 setting, all of whom need to learn to adapt and adjust to the constant shifting of the outside world. New Teacher Mindset is a roadmap for doing just that.

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Trevor Muir and John Spencer offer fun, engaging, and learning-intensive live workshops. For new teachers and those looking for a fresh approach to teaching, the hands-on trainings get teachers confident and excited to lead the classroom. 

New teachers are led through an intensive learning experience where they will learn and engage with the most pertinent topics in teaching. They will use the design thinking process to develop an authentic learning unit, discover strategies to lead classroom collaboration, learn instructional best practices, and much more. 

All NTA workshops are designed to be co-led, but can also be delivered by either Trevor or John independently based on availability and budget.

A co-led workshops offers:

  • More guided instruction for the participants
  • Smaller instructor-to-participant ratio
  • Workshop-within-a-workshop
    • Modeling differentiation through small-group instruction, Trevor and John conduct ‚Äúmini-workshops‚ÄĚ as needed for participants.
  • 1/2, 1, and¬†2 Day Offerings
  • Fully Customizable
  • Available to any size group
  • Directed toward pre and early-service teachers
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